CEM Machine‚Äôs LiteKnife™

An exceptionally strong, versatile and affordable alternative to conventional knife holding systems!

In response to the difficulties many chip mills and woodyards were having with their chipper knives and knife changing, CEM developed the Lite Knife™ system. This system combines the best characteristics of disposable and conventional knife systems, and using improved counterknife systems, permits a quick, easy and safe way to change knives and produce the highest quality chips.

CEM Machine Ultra Chip
CEM Machine Ultra Chip
CEM Machine Ultra Chip


  • Rugged - High quality tool steel knife is exceptionally well supported
  • Safer - Only about 1/4 the weight of a conventional chipper knife
  • Faster - Knife changes are quicker, with easy removal and lots of clearance
  • Lower Cost - LiteKnife™ can be removed and installed by a single operator lowering knife change costs
  • Flexible - Operators can quickly and easily make minor changes to knife grind angle, counterknife angle and/or chip size. Perfect for altering wood chip formation and chip cutting and forming characteristics
  • Babbitt Only - No shim bars or blocks to worry about, and screw adjustment systems are also available when babbitt cannot be used
Improved Counterknives
  • Hardfaced and carbide inserted edges - For extended life and durability (non-serrated counterknives only)
  • Serrated knives - Made from hardened steel for optimal chip fracturing (some features patented)
  • Optimal Clamp/Segment Protection - Inexpensive counterknife will protect your more expensive components from wear