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CEM Machine Inc.

571 West End Avenue
Carthage, New York 13619

CEM saw the difficulty many chip mills and woodyards were having with adjusting the axial location of the chipping disc, which affects the size, quality, and amount of woodchips produced. Because the axial location is often changed and needs a high degree of precision, CEM developed the SimpleSetâ„¢ Disc Adjuster as a quick, easy, and safe way to produce quality chips

CEM Machine SimpleSetp
When Adjusting This ...
CEM Machine SimpleSet
Don't Use This
CEM Machine SimpleSet
Do It The Easy, Accurate, Safe Way

Benefits of SimpleSet™

  • Simple to operate
  • Quickly adjust disc location
  • High degree of precision and finesse
  • Much easier and much more accurate than conventional sledge and wrench technique
  • Reduced chance of personnel injury from using large, heavy wrenches and sledgehammers for disc location adjustment.