The CEM Advantages

All CEM’s customers can attest to the high equality of CEM Machine’s equipment and services because it is rCEM’s mission to provide outstanding customer satisfaction.

CEM Simple Set
Constant Innovation
CEM World Class Facility
World Class Facility
Unsurpassed Service

A large wood chipper or wood microchip processor is a significant investment, one that requires our customers be able to expect only the very best results.

At CEM, our goal is to provide you with the best chipping equipment, with the highest quality equipment manufacturing and service available. We know that every wood yard is different, and that the same size chipper and chipper parts are not suitable for everyone. Because of this, everything we produce is custom engineered to meet each customer’s exact requirements, is fully inspected before it leaves our factory, has technical support from our qualified service department available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will provide you with unmatched chip quality results.

Because of our exceptional service and manufacturing, CEM Machine, Inc. equipment also provides one of the largest payback incentives available. Some mills have reported that their CEM chipper upgrade paid for itself in as little as six months. Please contact us today to see how our chipper design, services and manufacturing can help your wood yard cut costs, increase production, and improve reliability and safety.

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