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CEM Machine Ultra Chip

Customer First

We know that a large scale wood chipper or wood microchip processor is a serious expenditure, and we will do all in our power to make you comfortable with CEM quality, whether it be coming to the CEM Machine Shop and seeing our “mini” test chipper in action or visiting a mill that has a CEM chipper installed to observe industrial wood chipping and ask the operators how they feel about their CEM machine.

The Ultra Chip

This, our flagship chipper, is a unique disc chipper with numerous features not necessarily found anywhere else. CEM will design and manufacture an UltraChip™ Chipper to suit your exact requirements. The model 112-15 Ultra Chip™ is capable of chipping over 300 tons/hour (270 tonnes) (hardwood) into 19 mm (3/4”) length chips. Larger models can chip far more.

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International Sales

CEM Machine offers the same service to international customers that it does to people located within North America. Marketing and sales of CEM products outside of the USA and Canada is handled through Aremco Machinery International. Aremco has a worldwide network of representatives that will help you with all of your needs for machines, service and spare parts.

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