CEM History  -  page 2

Feed system upgrades:


Ř Spout, feed chute and block (pull type) bedknife

       hydraulically removable –designed to suit new

       furnish requirements.

Ř Powered split spouts for safe, quick feed


Ř And CEM’s improved jam clearing system for drop feed chippers.

       (Patent pending).


OEM woodyard success: In addition to a great many in-kind replacement chipper disc and shaft assemblies and other chipper parts, CEM has had outstanding OEM woodyard successes. These include:

·   A 96” - 12 knife chipper at Iguacu Cellulose, which exceeded all performance expectations – reduced woodyard power, pulp mill chemical consumption, increased wood yield, increased woodyard

        production, and reduced chipper maintenance.


· A 112” - 15 knife chipper at Ripasa Cellulose, Limeira, Brazil, which averages production of over 330 M3/hr (90 cords/hr) on small diameter



ßCEM also has developed a line of low maintenance wastewood chippers, (39” to 72”

    discs) available with a light, easily-handled,  regrindable knife system, as shown on this

    CEM 66” 6 knife chipper.




The People of CEM Machine – A resource you can count on!

With an average of over 25 years experience in designing and producing chippers and other large machines for the pulp and paper industry, CEM’s employees have the knowledge, expertise and dedication to provide equipment which performs consistently well in the tough environments of woodyards and high production chip plants.


The wide range of skills of CEM’s workers has also allowed them to work effectively and competitively on other types of large process and plant equipment such as pulp grinders, debarkers, slab chippers, power generators, and hydro-power ‘runners’.


We make customer satisfaction our number one priority!