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History of CEM Machine

Carthage, New York.

CEM Machine, Inc. (CEM) was formed in April of

2000, by Mark Robinson and Richard Mayo.  Mr. Mayo

 had for many years been manager of international

 sales and Mr. Robinson the chief engineer for various large pulp & paper industry equipment manufacturers.



Facilities and equipment: In May of 2000, CEM purchased an 80,000 Ft2 (7,400 M2) metal-working machine shop in Carthage, N.Y., as well as a number of new, used and reconditioned metal-working machines, equipping the shop for large machinery manufacturing for the new century. 


Staffing: Since the region had an abundance of skilled workers who were knowledgeable in chipper design and manufacture, CEM immediately recruited an exceptionally experienced staff (see “People” below and on separate web page) and began production operations, providing new and repaired parts and service for large whole log chippers and other large machines.




Products and Services:


Improvements to operating chipper installations:

CEM supplies a great many design upgrades fitted to existing chipping equipment for faster and easier maintenance, improved safety and increased chip quality and production:


Improved chip-making/ chipper disc/ knife system upgrades:

Ø 112” and 116” 15 knife discs, replacing old

       de sign 12 knife units

Ø 112” 10 knife disc replacing old 8 knife disc

Ø 130” 15 knife disc complete with new conventional knife

        system for increased setup flexibility.

Ø Improved design for chip post-processors.

Ø Chipper Disc braking and disc turning 


Ø Adjustable cartridge type bearing assemblies 

       For fast and precise knife-to-bedknife set



Chipper Drive system upgrades:

Ø New ‘twin’ squirrel cage drive with increased

        torque over the old wound rotor drive

Ø Hydraulic belt tensioning for belt driven

        chippers, and

Ø Heavy duty adjustable motor bases for

        belt driven chippers.